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Where did you see the extra ep of todome no ki…

Where did you see the extra ep of todome no kiss pleaseee?

I normally reply privately but because this is not the first time I’m replying to this kind question I’ll make it public.

You can search for “todome no parareru 10” or “致命平行 第10話” (i could only find the full episode after the chinese subs came out).

the real end of todome no kiss

the real end of todome no kiss

S: You know so much about me but I know nothin…

S: You know so much about me but I know nothing about you. Why’s that? Even if you’re a detective, why me?

O: Because I saw it in a dream. Can I tell you about my dream?




Warning: i just watched (or in this case only listen to it) the last episode of todome no parallel.

F* you otaro! If you didn’t like the ideia of saiko dating hasebe why where you acting like cupid in the last episode? You would deserved it if it was true. Just saying…

Well, said that i’ll go through the episode… Yes, otaro is a detective and yes saiko goes there to ask for the memories of the two. She leaves kouta’s shoe and asks how he knew her name and about her powers. He replies something like “i’m awesome at searching because i’m a detective” (that’s a total different otaro right there people). But because he remembers what suda’s character said he says that he’ll tell her about his dream (that is basically the part that she doesn’t know/remember). And talks about what she and him did in his dream (btw she was really surprised by some of the things they did in the “dream”). omg he told her how he felt when she died, my kokoro…! Of course the stroganoff interrupted the most important part… and them he said that all that talk was just about what happened in his dream. And she said that she wanted to know more about his dream, such a sweety, go get your guy~ Then is that scene that i saw previously. I translated a part incorrectly in one of my replies. In the end otaro says that the saiko from his dream said in a girly voice “i want to meet you, i want to meet you” and she replies “that’s a lie”. My final thoughts: i wanted more, but i’m happy anyway.

But something that i didn’t say before was that i’m feeling like otaro. I only realized that i was shipping them real hard during the last episode of tnk. Like it wasn’t visible to everybody else that i was shipping them because of the amount of gifs i made after the 7th episode… u_u

love’s got me and doesn’t want to let me goeve…

love’s got me and doesn’t want to let me go

even though I don’t believe in love, is too painful


Spoilers of the last episode of todomenokiss ahead

Otaro says that he’ll grant saiko’s wish, that is for him to be happy. Great kazuma, he’s the one who “opens” otaro’s eyes for the fact that he loves saiko. *clap clap* Of course i knew he wouldn’t kill otaro after seeing him cry because of saiko… Suda’s character is ready to help him too~ omg he said to otaro what saiko said to him in epi. 9. He has the same power, yes!! But it isn’t a week, its three months. Yay, mikoto figured out that her dream was real. He’s telling her the whole story~ He said it, he said that he loves saiko, yes! Get that kiss going~ Ha, ha, ha. I can’t stop laughing. OMG, otaro helping the brother’s to be together. He’s telling the “truth” to everybody aka reality check. And he got the tape in like 2 minutes. Takauji recognized his past mistake, yay. They meet when saiko was saving the boy. She says “you’re still alive” and he replies “you’re also still alive”. That confession, otaro~ No, please don’t otaro, don’t leave her… Noooooo… That end!!! I need to watch the last episode of parallel to calm my heart (from the preview it looks like a happy ending for those two, there)





I kind of knew where it was going but it hurt so much nevertheless.
I really hope they will have a happy end, because, otherwise, I won’t be able to deal with it.

/ spoilers ahead /

i wasn’t expecting such a dramatic scene. But i liked the way they made otaro show us the evolution of his feelings for saiko, even if he himself didn’t realize it yet. I was expecting a sudden chance in his feelings for saiko, but thank god they surprised me positively and didn’t go that way.

If it isn’t a happy ending i’ll probably be pissed off the rest of the day. But i can just think about one possibility, that suda’s character has the same power… Who’s the only character surrounded in mystery? Him! But in the longer preview they say in the end “otaro is dead”, but that could be a preview from todome no parallel…? i don’t know… *happyendinghappyending*


Finished watching the stream of the 9th episode of todomenokiss and the 1st thing i gotta say is: I knew it, i knew it they would turn in that direction! When i watched the longer version of the preview for the 9th episode i instantly knew what was going to happen (but i wasn’t expecting that amount of desperation at the end…)

Spoilers ahead… I knew it, that otaro was linking saiko, even if he didn’t realize it. That smile in the end of epi. 8 just meant that those two came back, so he knew what was going to happen. This was just a crazy episode, i knew that kazuma was making a comeback in this episode because i saw the posts from TnK’s official twitter, so i thought that who was going to try to kill otaro was kazuma, but no. Takauji is officially crazy, they should have send him to a mental institution and not a prison. But let’s talk about more happy scenes. Like the scene when otaro and saiko are celebrating his wedding, and saiko starts to say something like “you’ll be happy with mikoto” and otaro says that it looks like she’s saying goodbye, and that they’ll only separate when she is happy/gets a boyfriend. Later she even meets the “traitor” and they kiss and nothing happens, so saiko calls otaro and tells him that she got a boyfriend (and the “traitor” even teases otaro). Btw, we could call this episode “otaro runs after saiko”, because 70% of this episode is about that. And the best part: when mikoto and otaro are getting married, and otaro can’t kiss mikoto and later saiko appears saying “otaro be careful!” and takauji stabs saiko. Then otaro starts kissing her desperately and saying “let’s go back”. Most were seeing his behavior as strange, and hasebe only said “she’s already dead”… But the best part is what otaru says at the end “i can’t be happy without you”…

Bye, i’m done. I watched the preview for the final episode and i’m just hoping that all works well. And because its raining next week i’m not going to the countryside anymore, so i can calmly watch the last episode…!