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easterlystars: There are many reasons to admir…


There are many reasons to admire Changmin, and I find that even after all these years, even as I start the next stage of my life, I still have much to learn from him. I’m sure many of us can relate to his childhood experiences – a lot of us were probably introverted, extremely shy, and a bit awkward around strangers, but even he could overcome those fears and anxieties to perform in front of thousands – even millions – of people. He is that perfect embodiment of the phrase “nothing is impossible.”

Of course, we are not Changmin. He has his own unique circumstances, just like how we all have our own unique experiences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them.

That is why I see him as an idol. It’s not because he’s good looking. It’s not because he’s talented. It’s because he sets an example. He teaches us to see our flaws, reflect on them, accept them, and use that as leverage to pursue growth. He teaches us that age doesn’t matter, as long as you live your best life.

Just like how Changmin would say he was a dreamless boy who now has dreams to share, I hope all of you will one day realize that we all have dreams worth chasing after.

huoshui: Yunho made a mistake and Changmin’s …


Yunho made a mistake and Changmin’s reaction

“So when Yunho made a mistake, it seemed like Changmin was also surprised and couldn’t hold back his expression”

“Lol our passionate Yunho was singing so hard that he sang other parts (aka Changmin’s)ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“And Changmin tried making Yunho’s cute mistake less obvious? uwu”

“Yunho needs to sing the 2nd verse of We are, but he was sooo excited and sang the chorus.😂❤️”

“It seems like during We Are, Yunho got so excited and into it that he
accidentally sang We Are’s chorus hook on Changmin’s C melody. LMFAO.




save yunho’s body 2k18



Yunho having butterfingers and breaking things is Korean government cover-up for Shim Changmin



A viewer says, “Changmin, your hair grew a sprout. Touch it a bit!” (credit: janieTVXQ)



“MC pointed out to Changmin that his hair is sticking out. Changmin fixing it and Yunho’s expression as he’s doing it.”

hoemin: changmins emotional journey


changmins emotional journey



Bigeast Q66: When do you feel like “I’m stupid~”? (i.e. a moment where there is a sudden realisation)

Yunho : As I am stupid all the time, I don’t think that way (i.e. no particular time)

Changmin : When I’m drunk and have to go to sleep first.




huoshui: yooneroos: tvxq and their fanboy #thi…



tvxq and their fanboy

#this segment was the best…the girl with the dye in her hair hahaha