Fanfic Database: The Homin Library


Alright peeps here’s the plan. A few months ago some anons asked me to make a compilation of Min/Ho fics. I’m the worst person to go for when it comes to fic recs because I don’t read a lot of fic.

Therefore, what I’ve decided to do instead is to make a separate blog specifically for Homin fanfiction. This blog is not exclusively for recommended fics (there’s already a tumblr blog for that). This blog is meant to be used as a tool to search for all kinds of Homin fanfiction in every shape or form. If you look through the blog, you can see that each fic is specifically separated by genre, length, and when it comes to explicit fic with smut, it is categorized to have either a top/bottom pairing (Ho/Min & Min/Ho), or other.

So far, there’s only about 60 fics listed in the blog. Some I’ve read, and some I haven’t (but will eventually get to). 

Because I want this blog to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible, I made a form so fans can submit fics that are not already listed in the blog. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR OWN! (I did lmfao what shame) Like I said, this blog isn’t specifically for rec’d fics. It’s a directory. I really want this blog to be helpful as possible so please submit don’t be shy ^^ (you can submit anonymously too hehe)

Here’s the link to submit. If you’re too lazy to read through the whole thing, just send me the link of the fic in my ask box and I’ll add it in.

And if you have any suggestions/confusions, please don’t hesitate to talk to me ^^ I’m open to everything. Like I said 12987 times already, I want this database to be helpful as possible.

Please help me spread the link 😀

thank you for your time and enjoy 😀 homin-chan say bye bye :DD