shimchangmn: happy 15th anniversary dbsk ♡i fe…


happy 15th anniversary dbsk ♡
i feel like i repeat the same thing every year but – truly, thank you for being a part of almost half of my life. i wasn’t there since the beginning, but i will definitely try my best to be here till the end. you’re two incredibly talented, humble, loving, funny, gorgeous, smart, and put-together men, and i’m so grateful to have discovered you and to be a fan of you. your presence has significantly impacted the way i live, and the way i think, and i know these words will never reach you; i love you and appreciate you for how you encourage each and every of your fan to be the best person they can be, because you strive to be the best that you can be. i was just thinking how we’re still here despite everything: the split, the hiatus, the military service, the fanwars, and the hate. it’s all because of you. because you’re still here, so here we are. me listening to “refuse to lose” during this time of the year sums everything up. because that’s who you are, who we are – two artists and their fans refusing to lose. 
so, yunho and changmin, here’s to the 20th, 30th, 50th anniversary.

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