[FAN ACC] 181003 TVXQ @ D&E Concert


‘During Oppa Oppa, EunHae went ‘Go Yunho! Go Yunho!’ and Yunho raised up from his seat at the 2nd floor and danced with all his might. HAHA. Chami laughed seeing that.’ [trans.tonpenruby]

‘For Oppa Oppa, instead of “I say SuJu, you say oppa”, they shouted “I say Yunho, you say oppa” and the camera showed Yunho dancing to the dance break!!!!’ [trans.SJworld]

‘Eunhyuk: since today is the last Tokyo concert, we have a souvenir! Tohoshinki!(Eunhyuk introduced Toho meanwhile the audience..)Eunhyuk: HEY, LOOK AT HERE!Donghae: DON’T LOOK AT THEM, LOOK AT HERE!’ [tr.tonpenruby]

‘Eunhyuk said that he will talk in Korean because Tohoshinki here isn’t fluent in Japanese yet. He then asked Toho, “Tohoshinki-san, can you speak Japanese?” which Toho replied “Only a little bit"🤣🤣 Tohoshinki is so kind’ [ tr.hanaredd]