huoshui: “Yesterday, I encountered Tohoshinki…


“Yesterday, I encountered Tohoshinki at Gimpo Airport while I was waiting to board my flight.”

“They act and talk like they don’t really love each other. In fact, they always take care of each other.” – 2012

“They don’t talk very often, but they always sit together…the
relationship they have is very special. No matter how many people
are in the room, they will have space for the two of them alone. Yunho
who feels uneasy when Changmin is not here, his trust for Changmin is
absolute.”- 2013

Yunho: Actually TVXQ! has 2 members, but Changmin has another schedule
today, so I’m alone. It would be more fun if Changmin was here. Atmosphere
of the waiting room is totally different without Changmin. Changmin usually reads a
book here and I just chill here and surf the internet – 2018