Hi I'm a new cassie and I just wanted to …

Hi I'm a new cassie and I just wanted to know what happened between homin in that gif set where there at a press conference and yunho gave the mic to changmin without even sparing him a look lol

You have quality taste anon welcome!!

I am seeing that this phenomenon is circling amongst fandom once again lol, and I’ve answered this before too (here) but as recorded in the Homin History Records™, the guys used to fight a lot around the KYHD to Catch Me eras. I’m not talking about physical fights (though that’s happened), but little petty arguments here and there, and that’s really because they have very different personalities. That aside, the dudes actually share many things in common – for one, they both share the same kind of stubbornness.

We don’t know what they were fighting about at the time, but whatever it was, Yunho got pissed at Changmin, and Changmin god bless him looked like he was regretting his life’s choices.