I just got out of the final rehearsal of eurovision aka family show, and the first thing i gotta say is kudos to the guy who was representing the Moldova crew (and later also Ireland) during the “voting”. I know you got a lot of fans today, including me, mr. volunteer.

The 2nd thing is about that duet between salvador and caetano that i wasn’t expecting at all. The f*ing best.

The 3rd is that i got emotional when she (portugal) started singing the chorus (even through i found her song too repetitive and a bit meh; but i also like her voice…), and then the germany song came and i was still a bit emotional and why germany, why (i like it).

And last, with this final i can actually say who are my favorites, because this time i had already heard the songs before (expect the big5 + portugal). Ukraine (my number 1), Albania, Austria, the “shake the butty”, the “country”, Denmark, the songs “bones” and “fuego”. And i think that i’m not forgetting anyone.

Happy final~