uknowlov2: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station Ep 142 …


Tohoshinki Bigeast Station Ep 142 part 2/2

I’m a new fan so I have just watch this.. & I just can’t deal with Yunho/Changmin flirting. ^0^

cr. smiley for translation & OneTVXQBEStation for the video

@2:15 Segment: How do you say “I want everything” in korean segment.

Yunho: This is her message, “I want everything”
Changmin:“i want everything”. Do you want everything? 
Yunho: Of Changmin?
Changmin: oh no. Not that way. Do you want everything.
Yunho: oh yes. I understand. I want everything.

….Yunho translated it to Korean (i want everything=jeonbu wonhae). Then he just have to end it as..
Yunho: Changmin, Jeonbu wonhae.
Changmin: You’re noisy.

@4:06 A fan message that his boyfriend looks like Yunho.
Changmin: Well, you can say that his boyfriend is handsome, since he looks like Yunho.
Yunho: Changmin (sounded so surprised)
Changmin: I’m serious.
Yunho: Are you serious?
Changmin: Yes. I am.
Yunho: Thank you.
Changmin: You aren’t so bad-looking

lol @ HoMin