huoshui: In the interview that followed askin…


In the interview that followed asking about the changes they underwent as they hit their 30s, Yunho said, I changed for the better in lots of ways after discharge. While I try my best at every moment, I now feel I should be enjoying the moment as well. Because of this approach to life, my views of the world have become broader as well.“ 

Changmin added, “it’s good to keep going forward, but I think it’s also important to separate myself from work and have some time to myself also. In the past, for instance, I would only be satisfied if I became very good at guitar or cooking, but now, I enjoy the process itself of learning what I like." 

About the upcoming album, Changmin said, "Because we directed this album more than we ever have, I feel quite attached to it. I think we participated in this album more than any other so far. We wrote the lyrics ourselves, and we made the songs along with the staff after discussing the direction and themes.” Yunho added, “We hope that the fans feel like they are receiving a present after seeing the album.“ trans by janie