trustoverfear: Jaejoong (reading Fanmail): “W…


Jaejoong (reading Fanmail): “When I watch DBSK on TV, I’ve noticed one thing. That is, during ballads, when Changmin finishes his part, and Jaejoong starts to sing, Changmin will surely look at him.” *laughs*

Changmin: Hmmmm…

Jaejoong: It’s that type of feeling.

Changmin: I’ve never noticed it.

Jaejoong (keeps reading): “According to Changmin, what does Jaejoong mean to him? *laughs* What does it mean when he looks at Jaejoong? Or if he doesn’t look at Jaejoong, would he feel insecure?”

Yunho: This isn’t good.

Jaejoong (still reading): “Or is this simply one of Changmin’s unconscious habits?”

Changmin: It’s not on purpose. For me, Jaejoong is Jaejoong, and that’s that. There’s no other meaning!

Jaejoong: Changmin must think he doesn’t like me.

Changmin: No, no. I like you!

Jaejoong: Even if it’s not on purpose, Changmin really loves me on the inside.

Changmin: That is so not true. I only like girls.

Jaejoong: So you don’t like the members?

Changmin: That’s why I just said, that for me Jaejoong is Jaejoong.

Jaejoong: Then why do you look at me? You should look at the camera! (AN: Jaejoong, you hypocrite.)

Changmin: Just occasionally, Jaejoong is a bit off on the rhythm, and I want to see if I can help him.

Jaejoong: When I sing ballads, I’m completely fine (on rhythm).

Yunho: Yes, yes. This topic is becoming really long…

Changmin: I’m just really worried for him-

Yunho: *interrupts* We end here today.

Bigeast Station 09-01-17