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(x) Because Yunho and Changmin’s birthdays are so close, they usually do not give each other gifts. However, one day in 2015, Yunho suddenly decided to get something for Changmin’s birthday. Changmin likes beer, so Yunho tookthe time to go to a convenience store to buy him some, but he didn’t know whattype of beer Changmin liked. He thought it was too embarrassing to ask, so hebought Changmin ten different types of beer instead. When Yunho got back home,he wrote Changmin a card. He felt too shy to give Changmin his gift
face-to-face, so he called out Changmin’s name, gave him the gift, and then
ran back to his room to hide.
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#christ did yunho literally just blindly burst into the apartment and throw a ten pack of beer at changmin #like ‘for you. now i must away’ #it’s not an engagement ring or your panties wtf yunho you’ve lived with the idiot for over twelve years how are you shy #and wtf did changmin do after that #aside from possibly nurse a concussion #did he drag himself to hyung’s room dripping blood like ’…did you just give me a beer for each year since debut’ #and was yunho hiding under a blanket like ‘no i have no idea what you’re talking about’